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Toshiba DVD can only read CDs...
regis Dec-04-00 06:11 PM
Hi all,

I recently noticed that my Toshiba DVD-ROM player SD-M1212 is not able to read DVDs anymore (neither DVD-ROMs, nor DVD-Videos). However, It reads perfectly all types of CDs (Audio, CD-ROM, CD-R).

The last thing I did to my config before I noticed this problem was to install a TV tuner from Hauppauge. This is a card that I was given, and I am not sure it is not damaged. However Windows 98 (first edition) recognized it with no problem, but I could not really test it as I do not have the software.

Any idea if the TV card could cause a problem ? I have removed it, and removed its entries under Settings/Control Panel/system. And the DVD still does not work properly.

I read that this could be a problem with the bus mastering. And that this could be solved by removing the corresponding driver under Settings/Control Panel/system, which I did. During reboot, Windows searches on the WIN98 CD-ROM the deleted driver. It works fine. But this did not solve my problem.

I have to mention though, that once in a while (like 1 over 10 tries), one of my Video DVD is recognized. When this happens, I can hear that the DVD player still tries several times to be able to recognize the disc. I guess it's searching for the disc's index. Most of the time, this index can not be found, apparently. But my point here is that this proves that my laser LED did not burn out.

I guess my problem could be due to a dust on the DVD LED which maybe moves a bit sometimes... Any idea if a DVD cleaner disc exists ?

Any other idea, hints, etc ???

Help much appreciated.

best regards,

- Regis - France -

1. RE: Toshiba DVD can only read CDs...
lbyard Dec-04-00 06:51 PM
In response to message 0
Check/reinstall your software or hardware decoder. Larry

2. RE: Toshiba DVD can only read CDs...
regis Dec-04-00 10:48 PM
In response to message 1
Hi Larry,

Oups, it seems my post did not pass through correctly (I need to retype it ).

Anyway, thanks a lot Larry for your feedback !
However, are you talking about my MPEG2 decoder ? I have a Real Magic Hollywood+. But do you think this would explane also that the DVD-ROMs do not work ? When I try to open them in Windows Explorer, I should at least get the index. Same for the videos : I should at least get the VOB files.

I tried to remove the driver of my DVD player from the control panel/system. Surprisingly, it disappears from the list of hardware but does not propose to reboot the machine. Thus, I rebooted it. And everything was back as if nothing was removed...

I'll remove and re-install my Hollywood+ as I think you suggested. However, if you had any more suggestions after this, I'd be glad to see them !

Thank you and best regards,

- Régis.

3. RE: Toshiba DVD can only read CDs...
lbyard Dec-05-00 05:37 PM
In response to message 2
Check for viruses. Larry

4. RE: Toshiba DVD can only read CDs...
regis Dec-08-00 10:02 AM
In response to message 3
Hi Larry,

First of all, you are the master of this forum, right ? I wanted to say well done, we need forums like yours ! Congratulations, it's cool !

Now, back to my DVD problems. I had the idea to check my DVD under Linux (I had forgotten that I had installed Linux on my machine !). The problem is the same : OK for CDs, KO for DVDs...

I found a very nice page on the web on how to repare laser-based players (CD or DVD). Here it is (maybe you already know it) :


Reading this page leaded me to the conclusion that my laser lens and the mirors are probable polluted by cigarette smoke

I'm gonna tell my wife not to smoke anymore when she's on the PC

I'm gonna try to clean this stuff up. If I damage the whole thing, I'll as Santa Claus for another one

Thanks a lot again,

best regards,

- regis - Toulouse - France -

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