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Slow d: drive
hunterm Nov-25-00 06:15 AM
My C: drive; 8gb 5400 rpm works great. Just recently however, the d: drive; 7200 rpm 20gb has slowed down considerably. There is 16.5 gb free space on it. I clear cache and temp files regularly. How can I get the d: to function the way it did just the other day?

1. RE: Slow d: drive
lbyard Nov-27-00 03:20 PM
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Suggest running a surface scan on the drive with scandisk to be sure the drive is OK. I would also check it for viruses. Defragging the drive should speed it up. Be sure DMA checked in the Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Disk Drives. The faster drive should be your C: drive. If your motherboard supports ATA/66 (or ATA/100 if the drive supports it), set the CMOS to auto detect the drive and use an ATA/66 cable. If a CD-ROM is on the same cable as the 7,200 drive it can substantially slow it down. Larry

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