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I got the SCSI blues
pikachu Nov-06-00 06:33 PM
LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-00 AT 06:37 PM (GMT)


I have about 15 computers with Conner SCSI Hard drives and SCSI controllers (on board). I have to put windows95 on all of them. They presently have Win3.1( Stop laughing!! ). The slots on these machines look like PCI but are brown. I think they might be MCA. Therefore i cannot put an IDE controller in as I dont have it in MCA form.The only way i can put the win95 cab files is with my Cdrom which is IDE. There is one computer though which has the cab files and win95 on the SCSI hard drive. I thought of using it to put the cab files on the other computers but SCSI ain`t as simple as IDE.I am scared i could damage the ScSI hard drives. I dont know how to set jumpers(on the h.d.d) and how to set the settings in the BIOS. All the machines are IBM ps2`s. I thought I could put it on stiffy and transfer it to the drives. But the files are to big.

Please help


1. RE: I got the SCSI blues
lbyard Nov-06-00 06:39 PM
In response to message 0
What are the specific model numbers of the computers? How big are the hard disk drives? Larry

2. RE: I got the SCSI blues
pikachu Nov-06-00 08:44 PM
In response to message 1

The hard drives are 540 mb each. The model number is 9557-OBG.


3. RE: I got the SCSI blues
lbyard Nov-07-00 04:51 PM
In response to message 2
Is this it? http://www.pc.ibm.com/qtechinfo/GJAN-43WLVG.html?lang=en_US&page=brand&brand=IBM+PC&family=IBM+PC%7CPS%2F2&machineType=IBM+PC%7CPS%2F2%7C9557&doctype=Product+information&subtype=Technical+Specifications The hard disk spec doesn't match. Larry

4. RE: I got the SCSI blues
pikachu Nov-10-00 09:07 AM
In response to message 3
That`s the one. But the hard drive doesn`t match. I think they may have upgraded all the machines to a conner 540mb. If i could get notes or a manual on how to change jumpers it would do.


5. RE: I got the SCSI blues
lbyard Nov-10-00 06:31 PM
In response to message 4
I do not install SCSII drives often and have not worked on one for quite some time, but I have installed many of them over the years… This is off the top of my head… You have to have a SCSI cable with an extra connector. In case you have to get a new one with three connectors, there are several varieties of SCSI cables. Take the old one with you when shopping. SCIS devices have ID numbers (0 through 7) and drives usually have corresponding jumpers. You can get the jumper setting from the manufacture's site. Seagate bought Conner and Maxtor just bought Quantum. If you can’t find the settings, I probably can get them for you with the drive make and model. The SCSI host adapter (which may be a chip on the motherboard) also has an ID. The devices and adapter have to use different ID’s. The SCSI cable, etc. comprises a terminated transmission line. That is, the devices at each end of the SCSI cable have to be terminated (currently the host adapter and drive in the computer). The rest of the devices cannot be terminated. Terminators usually consist of one or more resistor packs (multiple resistors in a small rectangularish package with pins along the bottom). You have to remove or deactivate the terminator on one the drives. You remove the packs on most drives, but some jumper them in and out and others autodetect. Resistor packs are easily damaged. Care must be used, especially when reinstalling them, or the pins will bend and often will break (I usually work them out with a tweaker = very small screw driver). They are also easy to loose. I tape them to the drive (be careful not to brush them off when installing and removing the drive). Once the second drive is installed, there may be problems getting the SCSI controller setup so it will recognize the drive. If you have that sort of problem it is usually caused by incorrect termination, but might be a cable or BIOS (adapter or motherboard) problem. You may be able to get at the SCSI controller BIOS settings with a combination of control keys at bootup (or, in this case, it might be part of the motherboard BIOS). That combination may be in the computer documentation or on IBM’s web site. You may want to consider hiring a tech who has done this before and watching him for one or two computers. One can spend many hours learning the ins and outs of SCSI devices. Larry

6. RE: I got the settings!
pikachu Nov-11-00 12:32 PM
In response to message 5
Hi Larry

I went to seagate.com and got the settings for the conner 540mb hard drive(Model#CP30540) . It matches the drive perfectly. It gives me the terminator jumper and the jumpers for the SCSI ID`S. The question now is how do I do it. Do i put the terminators off in both H.D.D`s? And which ID`S should I give the one that is in the machine and the one I am going to fit? Please explain in detail.


7. RE: I got the settings!
lbyard Nov-12-00 09:48 PM
In response to message 6
I thought I did. The drive at the very end of the cable has to be terminated, the other one most not be terminated. Use an ID not used by the host adapter or other drive. Larry

8. RE: Thanx Larry
pikachu Nov-15-00 06:14 PM
In response to message 7
Thanx Larry, it worked.I got the two drives to work . I thought it would be difficult.

Thank You

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