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CD drive letter
abNORMal Oct-27-00 05:52 PM
This is not a real problem, but it's buggin' me.

I installed a SCSI CD-RW in a machine which had an IDE DVD in it (and a second hard drive -drive "D"). Before the install, the DVD was drive "E". After the install, the drive letters were: DVD - F; CD-RW - E.

I changed them around so that the DVD was E and the CD-RW was F. All was well, but I had lock up problems on this box and had to reinstall everything. Now I can't remember how I changed the drive letters. (Stupid eh?)

I've tried control panel/system/device manager where it shows the last drive letter, but that didn't do it. In fact the last drive letter showed up as Z. Now my DVD is drive E (again) and the CD-RW is Z! Changing the last drive letter to F doesn't do anything.

Please help


1. RE: CD drive letter
lbyard Oct-29-00 07:04 PM
In response to message 0
In the Device Manager, click the drive, Properties, Settings, and make the first and lst drive letters the same and equal to the desired drive letter. You may have fidget some with the two drives and restart, etc. You may have to go into the SCSI board BIOS at start-up and change values there. You may have to tell the motherboard BIOS, Standard Setup, that no drive exists where the IDE DVD drive is installed. Windows should still detect it. Larry

2. RE: CD drive letter
abNORMal Oct-30-00 03:43 PM
In response to message 1
Thanx, Larry.
"Fidget" is THE operative word here. I had to do the second one first ("F" drive) then reboot and do the E drive.

3. RE: CD drive letter
lbyard Oct-30-00 04:16 PM
In response to message 2
Yes, that is usually the required "fidgeting." Larry

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