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New Hard-drive
zuleika Oct-14-00 04:37 AM
Hello, I have just purchased a new Fujitsu 8.4 gig hard-drive, having installed it ,taking care to ensure the connections are correct, I'm getting a 'Boot Disk Failure ' warning on startup.
No doubt this is because there's nothing on the new drive for the machine to boot from, how do I load this info to the new C drive?

Dean ( New Zealand)

1. try this
robert03 Oct-14-00 08:11 PM
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if u want to copy everything from your old drive to the new one ,then use disk image to copy everything as it is.
If u are starting from scratch then boot from a floppy ##### and type the command fdisk
then create the new partations ,and dont forget to set the primary partation as active ,after that it will ask u to reboot ,boot from the floppy again and format the primary drive that u created and after that type sys c:
it should then boot from the harddrive.

2. RE: New Hard-drive
lbyard Oct-16-00 12:52 PM
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More info is available at:

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