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Non-system disk or disk error message!
myassisdragon Aug-07-02 09:25 PM
The hard drive on my laptop just failed so I purchased a new 10gb one. Installed on a Compaq Armada 1750 PII 333/366 mhz (not sure which speed). Loaded Win2K Pro and it was running properly. When system is rebooted with W2K pro CD still in CD drive, I receive the message, "press any key to boot from CD," since its a bootable CD. After awhile, message times out and W2K OS starts up okay. When I remove the CD and boot up, I receive the error message, "Non-System disk or disk error. replace and strike any key when ready" Not able to start system up, unless I have bootable CD inserted.

Does anyone have any ideas?


1. RE: Non-system disk or disk error message!
Twinhead Aug-08-02 04:59 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-08-02 AT 05:00 AM (EDT)
It could be a faulty installation.
Does the BIOS have te correct parameters for the new drive stored in CMOS? (Verify this)
It should be as LBA (NOT as CHS or LARGE!!)
If changed the CMOS, or when to retry, Reinstall the OS and watch carefully wich options you have to choose.


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2. RE: Non-system disk or disk error message!
Zeno Aug-08-02 11:52 AM
In response to message 1
A "Non-system disk" error is a classic WIN9X message that indicates the boot loader file is missing. In WIN9X, the boot loader file is io.sys. However, if the boot loader for WIN2K is missing you should receive a different error message: "Ntldr is missing or corrupt"

Either you have botched a dual-boot installation, or you are posting incomplete (incorrect?) information. In any case, Victor's suggestion that you reinstall WIN2K is appropriate. OR, you could make an ERD with the WIN2K Backup utility and attempt a repair. A complete data backup and reinstall would probably be your best option.

Installing WIN2K can be a bit tricky the first few times you do it, especially on a laptop, because there are many different options for partitioning and file system combinations. You may want to go on line, or get a book and read up on it.

Best wishes...

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