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CDRW burning Speed
ksparwez Jul-15-02 07:42 PM
I Have a Lite-On CDRW and its maximum burning speed is 24X. But know I see the maximum speed as only 4X. One thing I did was to install Nero buring software when Roxio Easy CD creator was already present on my machine. No I have uninstalled the Nero but still the speed is 4X only. What could be the reason for this and how can I make the CDRW to write at 24X again.


1. RE: CDRW burning Speed
summerscales1 Jul-20-02 05:04 PM
In response to message 0
Seems there can only be two options. Firstly, you could try uninstalling all CD Software and then deleting CDRW from device manager and restarting computer, CDRW will will find itself and setup, then reinstall your software. This happened once with a computer i worked on and this procedure worked.
Secondly, CDRW could have developed a fault but i doubt it. Could be that Nero misread firmware details and setup for different drive.

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