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cd drives on same ide cable?
claire Jul-13-02 04:47 AM
Hi there,
I tried to copy a disk using nero and it said that i couldnt use on the fly copying as the two drives were on the same ide cable. All the documentation that i have read says that you shouldnt put a cd drive on the same ide cable as a hard disk as this would lower the performance of the hard disk....
Im sure it says in my motherboard manual not to do this iether........so what gives?

1. RE: cd drives on same ide cable?
DJ Net2Infinity Jul-13-02 01:54 PM
In response to message 0
If you are going to copy cds, I would put your CDROM on the same IDE channel as your Hard Drive and put your Burner on the other channel as Master. I have done it and dont see a performance difference, I could be lucky though. Most my machines only have a Burner in them and using Nero I select DISK COPY and it makes a image of the disk on my hard drive in a temp file, and then I put the blank in and it burns away.

3. RE: cd drives on same ide cable?
lbyard Jul-13-02 06:36 PM
In response to message 1
I have seen somw CD-ROM drives slow-down had disks on the same cable. Be sure DMA is enabled for the CD-ROM drive if was made in the last three years or so. Ignore the Windows warning you will get when you do it. Larry

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