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Can't boot from CD
stuart Jul-10-02 05:27 AM
If I set bios to boot from cd, the machine stops with the message 'boot from atapi cd-rom' and nothing makes it go further.
If I use a windows bootdisk, the cd is not found and it aborts and boots with no cd support.
However, I can see and use the cd drive in both Linux and win98.
What gives? BTW the cd is slave in the middel of the first IDE cable and the motherboard is Shuttle hot591p.
thanks for clues

1. RE: Can't boot from CD
Twinhead Jul-10-02 07:01 AM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Jul-10-02 AT 07:05 AM (EDT)
What kind of CD-Rom drive is used? (New or older type?)

If you connect the device to the middle connector of the IDE cable it supposed to work fine with the older 40 conductor cable.
But, with a 80 conductor cable there is something to think about!
1: Is the blue connector connected to the mainboard? (MUST be)
2: Is your primairy MASTER connected to the middle connector? (MUST be)
3: Now, there is only one connector left, That is for the CD-Rom.

ALLWAYS verify the next:
Be sure that your Hard drive is jumpered as MASTER.
Some drives assumes master when connected onto the cable, but with a Slave connected they can do strange things.
Connect the jumper to the two pins closest to the datacable to make it master. (in Vertical position)
See, and set if not:
The CD-Rom drive should have its jumper set to the middle two of the pins on its jumperblock (Also vertical)
Reconnect all and give it a try!


2. RE: Can't boot from CD
lbyard Jul-10-02 10:15 AM
In response to message 1
>Is your primairy MASTER connected to the middle connector? (MUST be)

Translation? I think Victor means to say is that if you have a problem the Master drive is probably connected to the middle connector, which is the wrong one. It should be connected to the very end. The Slave drive, CD-ROM, goes on the middle connector.

I hope I got that right. Please correct me if I did not.


3. RE: Can't boot from CD
Twinhead Jul-10-02 03:35 PM
In response to message 2
Hello Larry.

Now i have lost it...
Am I really wrong to put the master at the middle connector on a 80 conductor cable??
Should it be the closest one to the mainboard beceause of the datatransfer and the seperation of the conductors by a grounded wire?

I know that this does not matter on a 40 conductor cable, but i seem to be wrong.
If so, Excuse me!


5. RE: Can't boot from CD
lbyard Jul-10-02 05:32 PM
In response to message 3
I lose it now and then... At my age, however, the nows are happening more often... When using a 40-pin, 80-wire Ultra ATA cable, make sure the blue connector, often marked "System," at the very end of one end of the cable is connected to the motherboard, the black connector at the other end, the very end, is connected to the Master or Single device, and the gray middle connector (between the two beforementioned connectors) is connected to the Slave device (if present). These cables have either a blue or red strip on one side. That strip signifies the side of the plug that should be aligned with pin 1 on the drives and pin-1 of the motherboard IDE socket. Pin 1 on hard disk and CD-ROM-type drives drive is towards the power connector. Pin 1 of the motherboard is usually labeled as such and/or may have another means of designation such as a filled-in triangle. I added the last part for other readers. Think transmission line... You haven't lost that much, I'm sure. Been dueling with too many windmills lately? <= joke! Larry

6. RE: Can't boot from CD
Twinhead Jul-11-02 05:45 AM
In response to message 5
Hello Larry.

Now i got it...
The lenghth of a cable is neglectable against the bouncing effect when connecting a MASTER to the middle connector.
Is it just works like SCSI and COAX e.g. the bouncing against the open edges of a cable is more significant then the line length between the mainboard and the drive?
If so, i will take this and advice it in tne next posts regarding to 80 conductor cables.


7. RE: Can't boot from CD
stuart Jul-11-02 11:45 AM
In response to message 1
I changed the cables and ensured the discs are in the right place and it still does not work.
The CDROM drive is a stone age Philips CM207 - could this explain it?
I made a new Windows boot disc and this does not detect it either.
Do I bin the drive?

8. RE: Can't boot from CD
Twinhead Jul-11-02 02:55 PM
In response to message 7
If you don't mind, CD-Rom drives are not expensive anymore.
If you can afford it, buy a new one and built it inplace of your Philips.
Otherwise, borrow one unit from a frend.
Built that in and try.

That philips meight not be able to be directed from the BIOS.
The BIOS who is attempting to boot from the drive meight not be capable to boot from a drive that is too old.
If a CD-Rom drive is not ATAPI compatible, it is out of the question to boot from it.
Not that your drive is useless, but it needs drivers that the BIOS does NOT have.
Newer drives are accessed through DMA (Direct Memory Addressing) and are ATAPI compliant.
It could be impossible for the Philips to "understand" this method of communication.
If a newer drive works, you can "bin" the Philips if you like.


9. RE: Can't boot from CD
stuart Jul-13-02 07:22 AM
In response to message 7
I bought a new Samsung drive and all works perfectly - boots OK.
thanks for all the the help

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