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Hard Disk Funny
stephenl Jun-18-02 07:13 AM
I have a PII 233 Fujitsu PC whose hard disk recently died i am now replacing the old disk with a new Seagate 20GB Drive i have taken into account size restrictions etc with the BIOS being a bit out of date. But the funny thing is the drive will not been seen on the Primary IDE channel but will be seen on the Secondary IDE channel. I have tried different cable made sure all jumpers correct etc. Also just tried putting IDE CDrom as master on the Primary IDE and ... nothing !! Defective board ???? Dodgy IDE controller ? Any suggestions ???

1. RE: Hard Disk Funny
Twinhead Jun-18-02 08:39 AM
In response to message 0
By the information you have given, either the Primairy IDE is switched off in BOIS accedentely, or your old hard drive has destroyed it in the process of dying...
Or... Your old drive IS in fact not dead and only the Primairy IDE went down.

In such cases, buy an PIC IDE controller, and switch BOTH ide channels off in BIOS. (If FDD oncard, ALSO switch FDD off in BIOS.)
This will cost much les then buying a new Mainboard (If they are in Stock anyway)

Remember, Do NOT put it in PCI #1 if you are using an AGP videoboard!
These two slots are bonded with ONE irq!


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