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New CD-RW Now system won't recognize DVD-ROM
j_sluder Jun-03-02 05:18 PM
Hello. I just purchased and installed a new CD-RW 36x12x48x. It works great but now the system doesn't recognize the 16x DVD-ROM that I already have. I replaced an older CD-ROM drive with the new rewriter but the system only shows (A:) (C:) and (D:) no (E:) - I've tried different combinations with my IDE cables, but no luck. If I remove the new drive and put everything back like I had it, it works fine. Any suggestions?

Also, what would I need to add my old CD-ROM back into the mix?


1. RE: New CD-RW Now system won't recognize DVD-ROM
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-03-02 05:49 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-03-02 AT 05:49 PM (EDT)
This Assumes you have one Hard Drive, You need to jumper your drives accordingly.

On IDE Channel #1. Hard Drive Master, CDROM Slave
On IDE Channel #2. CD-RW Master, DVD-Rom Slave

You Probably did not have the jumpers set correctly, and that is why your DVD did not appear.

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