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3 hard disks?
ad_pellaeon May-28-02 11:50 PM
Hello all;

I currently have a 40GB primary Hard Drive and a 60GB slave hard drive, however I have run out of room and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if my idea will work...

I am using a Dell PC, Dimension 8200 with a P4 1.7GH, 256RDRAM, and Windows XP home. I have a CD-RW/DVD-ROM currently connected as the primary device on my second IDE cable (the one which leads to cd roms, etc) and I was wondering if I would be able to use the slave IDE hookup to install a third 60GB hard drive? Would the OS recognise the drive, or would it just simply ignore it? I would hate to go and buy another hard drive and find out that it won't work, so any imput, ideas, etc would be greatly appreciated.


1. RE: 3 hard disks?
Twinhead May-29-02 01:00 AM
In response to message 0
You can add the third HDU.
But, your CD-RW/DVD-Rom should be rejumpered so it becomes a Slave unit.

IDE-0: Mainboard-----Master_(40G)-----Slave_(60G)
IDE-1: Mainboard-----Master_(60G)-----Slave_CD-RW/DVD-Rom

Primairy master: Auto
Primairy Slave: Auto
Secondairy Master: Auto
Secondairy Slave: CD-Rom / None
Save these and reboot DIRECTLY into Safe mode.
Go to the Device manager.
Delete your CD-RW/DVD-Rom device (And ANY other CD drive(s) if listed)
Also delete all the harddisks under the topic Drives ("Schijfstations" in Dutch, I dont know the exact word for it)
Reboot Normal so that Windows can redetect them.
After this it should be OK.


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