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cdrom slow data installation
harrykim May-18-02 07:12 AM
recently,it takes a really long time to load/install games,then some jerkiness on fmv sequences reading from disc.hard drive all tests ok,so i suspect cdrom or its drivers..lgcdrom crd8322B dma enabled on firware rev 1.1 on windows\inf\mscdrom.inf...bus ata66 intel 82371 ab/eb pci ide...P3 450 at 100 fsb with voodoo 3 2000 pci and soundblast pci64....recent format/install of win 98se..recent setup of broadband usb at 128 speed ntl...perhaps its time for a new drive..3 years old.

1. RE: cdrom slow data installation
write2prashant Jun-26-02 07:55 AM
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May be ur cdrom drive connected as primary slave. Try to connect as secondary master.


2. RE: cdrom slow data installation
lbyard Jun-26-02 01:59 PM
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Make sure DMA is checked in the CD-ROM drive Properties, Settings in Start, Setting, Control Panel, System, Device Manager. Larry

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