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Could someone help me here?
oip3 May-10-02 03:36 PM
I screwed up my computer.

I set up my computer as dual boot system(win 98 on C: and winows 2000 on D). I had some problem with it. I could not access C from win 2000. I tried to fix it and I accidently messed up the boot.ini file on the C drive. Now I can not boot up the computer. I tried to boot up win98 from a floppy disk, but it won't do it. I have a pretty old mother board and a new 60 G hard drive ( Western digital). The message showed up on the screen says that I used third party software for this big hard drive and the computer can not boot up from the floppy.

Could someone give me some help on how I can regain control of my 60 G hard drive???

Thanks a lot!!

1. RE: Could someone help me here?
lbyard May-11-02 00:30 AM
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That third party software is EZ Drive. It should start to boot the hard disk and then prompt to press the Space key to boot from a floppy. Does it get that far? It should as that part of EZ is on the boot track, I believe. Try the Space key with a boot floppy in A:. Larry

2. RE: Could someone help me here?
stephenl May-13-02 07:03 AM
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Have you tried repair install (startup files) with booting from your Win2k cd (if you have it) This will recreate boot.ini and hopefully make your system bootable.

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