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CD ROM Problem - to test the best of you
SHIRE29 May-08-02 09:45 AM
OK, some background info...

I have built a new PC, Athlon 1700 XP, 512 DDR Ram, Ricoh CD RW & DVD Combo drive, 40 GB HD, hard disk caddy (for swapping HDs with a 2GB H/D installed), SB Live, NIC connected to a linksys router through a broadband cable modem, running Windows XP.

When I built the PC first of all every thing worked fine, had some minor problems with boot up (problems recognising the h/d caddy), but CD was good. Loaded software, copied a CD to check the drive was working, all perfect.

Also had a problem with temperature, so I decided to swap cases, a fantastic coolermaster 201, brilliant case dropped both my CPU and M/B temps by 10C at idle and heavy usage.

Anyway I digress, also decided to install a SB Audigy Platinum. Took a bit of messing around but all is now working except.....

My CD drive will play audio CDs, I guess thats to do with the internal CD to Sound card connecting wire, but.....

In any music player software package (i.e Realone, Windows Player etc.) it only lists 5 tracks, I know there are 11 and it plays all 11 but only reads these five and there is no listing, like track title etc.

These same 5 tracks are visible whatever audio CD I put in the drive ??????????

Now when I put in a data disk, although Explorer recognises the drive, absolutly nothing shows being on the CD, it's blank ???

I know the CD works, it plays CDs, I loaded software etc. But now it won't read data CDs, or read audio CDs properly and I have no idea why.

I read somewhere that XP has a problem with more than 2 IDE devices, is this true ?

Also I could change IDE cables to see if there is a problem there.

Any other ideas or thoughts.

Cheers, Shire29

1. RE: CD ROM Problem - to test the best of you
SHIRE29 May-09-02 03:13 AM
In response to message 0

I had a little play around last night.

First I disconnected the cable from the CD-RW to the sound card, and voila no sound now from a music CD, doh. In explorer I still see only those five tracks? Re-connected the cable, and music sound is back.

For info I have my 40GB HD connected to primary master, the CD-RW on secondary master and the HD caddy on the secondary slave. All jumpers are set correctly, bare in mind my rig has at one point been working correctly.

I had read that windows XP can have problems with more than 2 IDE devices connected so I disconnected the h/d caddy, with no luck, still the same problems.

I also had a look at the cables, and they seem OK, the caddy has been working fine so I see no probs with the cable, but tonight I will try a different cable.

If the change of cable does not work my last hope is to try another CD-RW in case it is the drive itself, but I just get the feeling it's just a config issue.

Oh yes, one more thing, and I know this could be it, in the BIOS the correct model of CD-RW is identified, in windows XP the device recognised is Ricoh but is a different model no. I can't believe this is the problem ? Have logged onto the Ricoh website and there are no driver updates for the poarticular model for XP.

Still there ? zzzzzzzzz

Well thx for listening, please, please any advise ?????

Cheers, Shire29

2. RE: CD ROM Problem - to test the best of you
lbyard May-09-02 12:18 PM
In response to message 1
Try deleting it in Windows and restart. Larry

3. RE: CD ROM Problem - to test the best of you
SHIRE29 May-10-02 02:56 AM
In response to message 2

thx, I did try that but with no success.

However, trumpet fanfare.......

I bought a new drive thinking it may be that. I carefully installed the new drive, an LG combo drive, nice piece of kit, but, OH NO, same problem, S***.

Changed the IDE cable, removed the H/D caddy, agghhhhhhhhh. Now I'm getting mad, really mad.

One last thing, I thought I'd try putting the CD Drive as a slave on the primary IDE, and, wait for it, bang your suacepans together, cus we have lift off.

I am now fully functional, so do I have a defunct secondary IDE ? well I don't think so, I mean the H/D caddy was working, although I have not reconnected it yet (too scared).

One thing it might be (a real shot in the dark) is the Audigy Platinum Live Drive.

Originally I did have problems getting my live drive to work. Although I can't be sure of the timing, once I got the live drive working the CD Drive started to play up. Coincedence ??? I am wondering whether there was a resource conflict ?

Anyone know how the live drive works, I mean I know the cable is connected to the soundcard, but maybe...

Well so far so good, I am gonna leave well alone for a while, and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Thx again for listening, it's been good to have someone to talk too.

Cheers, Blair (Shire29)

4. RE: CD ROM Problem - to test the best of you
SHIRE29 May-10-02 03:02 AM
In response to message 3

Larry, just wanted to thank you for all your good advice that you post here. I have read a lot of your postings on similar subjects and most of the ideas/possible solutions I have tried came from yourself, including a posting about problems with IDE interface which prompted me to try the IDE switch.

Thx again.

My PC building days are over for a while, misses won't let me spend any more cash and way to stressful.

Cheers, Blair

5. RE: CD ROM Problem - to test the best of you
lbyard May-10-02 11:53 AM
In response to message 4
Well, then you have graduated to a new level: that of "stealth buying." Search using the Site Search to the left with stealth.

If your motherboard(?) has a RAID disk controller in addtion to the normal one, try disabling it. Larry

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