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Missing CD Rom Drive
freedomland Apr-22-02 04:20 PM
I have a problem with my computer and I can't see one of my CD Rom drives. The problem might be caused by my virtual Cd program. When I unistalled that program, all that is left is one of my real Cd rom drives, the other one is missing. When I type E:\ (the drive that is missing) in the address bar, it said that "this folder is either moved or removed". How can I get it back? Also, I tested that the E drive works because in my father's hard drive, it is there.

1. RE: Missing CD Rom Drive
Twinhead Apr-22-02 04:28 PM
In response to message 0
Could it be that your virtual CD program created another driveletter and that there is no statement of Lastdrive= in your Config.sys?
See if it is there, and set it to F.
(Could not harm you if set it to Z, beceause USB media will get a driveletter too!)
Exact line:



2. RE: Missing CD Rom Drive
freedomland Apr-22-02 04:50 PM
In response to message 1
I checked my config.sys file and it said that the last drive is z.

3. RE: Missing CD Rom Drive
Twinhead Apr-23-02 01:37 AM
In response to message 2
Hmmmm, Inmteresting....

Start into Safe mode.
rightclick on My Computer, select Properties, Goto Device manager, click in the "+" sighn next to "CD-ROM" delete BOTH (ALL) listed CD-Rom drives, close and reboot.
Normally Windows should reinstall the units again and reassighn driveletters to them.
It cannot hurt you to check the entire hardware complement in that list.
You should be supprised how many devices you encounter that are misinstalled prior, or that do no longer exist in your system.
You can safely removethe ones that are shurely no longer present.
If a device gives trouble now-and-then, and listed more then once, remove ALL all the listed ones.
Also here, Windows will reinstall the device automatically after reboot.
There is ONE exeption:
The topic called "Systeemapparaten" in Dutch, Systemdevices in English i think, or as to say the topic with the blue monitor screen should be left alone.
There are double or multiple entries there, mostly the IRQ holder, who are MENT to be there.

4. RE: Missing CD Rom Drive
freedomland Apr-23-02 07:31 PM
In response to message 3
Ok, I did everything you said, but when I restarted, my E drive is still not there, only the D drive remains. The E drive has power (Could open and close) and I know it works, so I think that there might be some files that are messed up in my computer.

5. RE: Missing CD Rom Drive
Twinhead Apr-24-02 04:13 AM
In response to message 4
LAST EDITED ON Apr-24-02 AT 04:16 AM (EST)
Sjeeee, This is a Nasty one!

Rightclick on "my computer", Select "Properties", goto the Systemdevices, click in he "+" sighn of "CD-Roms"
Is the second device listed there?

Rightclick on the one, that is the first in Order: (IDE0 Slave or IDE1 Master if 2nd on IDE1 Slave).
select Properties, Click on The middle tab, See and set if different: "First drive letter" AND "Last driveletter" to D .
Do the same for the second device, but set these to E
Close the control panel and reboot. (Windows will ask you for this)

Beceause i uses different drive assighnments, and they are varying due to attached drives now and then, i have the Recorder (IDE1 Slave) as Z, and my reader (IDE1 Master) as Y)
IDE0 Master is my Hard drive, and IDE0 Slave is my LS-Drive.
Windows accepts this, and I have no problems.


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