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broken FAT
ViruSS Apr-22-02 02:50 PM
I have in my old P166 one hard drive - 1GB. 3 days ago i cannot start my computer and acces my hard disk.
I can start the computer with a Startup Disk but a cannot acces the hard disk.
One friend tell me the FAT have errors and I must format this drive. But I have there some important documents.

How can I recover this documents?

1. RE: broken FAT
Twinhead Apr-22-02 03:24 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-02 AT 03:58 PM (EST)
Does the drive have power and the datacable stirdy connected to drive AND Mainboard?
Check that first!

The first (And safest thing) to do is get into your Cmos.
SEE AND FERIFY that your HD is EXACTLY up to specs as given on the drive label.
(Cmos could be corrupted)
Reboot and see.

If not successful, get into your Cmos again and try LBA if Cmos can support it.
Reboot and see.

If not successful, start from a bootable floppy with Scandisk on it.
Start Scandisk to let it fix the drive.
Reboot and see.

If not successful, put out the drive, built it into another PC who has a working drive and with Windows on it.
(Afcourse Cmos has to find that drive!!)
Configure it as a SLAVE unit, Start that PC from its own drive and let windows try to access it.

If no luck either, I am almost sure that this drive is a goner.


2. RE: broken FAT
lbyard Apr-22-02 03:42 PM
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http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/harddisk/spinup.htm might work, but it is a longshot. I would try eveything Victor suggested first. Larry

3. RE: broken FAT
Twinhead Apr-22-02 04:00 PM
In response to message 2
Also deleted "Fdisk /MBR" in my reply.

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