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IDE Controllers
markwb56 Apr-10-02 04:55 AM
When building a new system what is the best configuration for locating the hard drive & optical drives with respect to ide controllers. Is this configuration OK? Primary IDE: HDD set to master, CD-ROM set to slave. Secondary IDE: CD-RW set to master. Or should CD-RW be on same IDE as HDD?
I've heard many different rationales as to keeping optical drives on seperate IDE buses. Is it related to IRQ's, or what's the deal? Thanks alot in advance for any feedback.

1. RE: IDE Controllers
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-10-02 08:33 AM
In response to message 0
I agree with your configuration, because when copying a cd to your burner it will work better with them on two separate buses, and it addtion you don't want your CDRW on the same bus as your HDD because you will have buffer underrun.

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