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CD drive won't read CDRW data
t_na Mar-28-02 02:12 PM
Someone in my office is having a problem reading data from a CD-RW disk brought in from home. We have Dell Optiplex GX110 systems w/CD ROM drives. I don't know what type of CD burner she used at home or with what software. When she puts the CD in the drive she gets the "Is not accessible. Device not ready" error. It's an Imation CD-RW, 1x-4x, 650mb. Could it just be a corrupt CD or could it not be compatible with our CD-ROM drive due to either the brand or the software/burner she used to write it?

1. RE: CD drive won't read CDRW data
Twinhead Mar-28-02 02:22 PM
In response to message 0
As far i can tell, A CD-RW is UNREADABLE in ANY normal CD-Rom drive!
Only CD-Rom drives that are certiefied to be "MultiRead" are capable of reading the CD-RW disks.
Normally ALL burners are capable to reed them as well.


2. RE: CD drive won't read CDRW data
jspr57 Apr-19-02 07:00 PM
In response to message 1
Most normal CD-ROM drives will not read CD-RWs. The format is foreign to them. They will only read CD-Rs if the session has been closed.

If you use Adaptec's DirectCD, a CD-ROM drive will not read those either. Make sure that the session is closed on the CD you burned, and that it is CD-R.


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