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CD Rom drive not found
jasmine204 Mar-18-02 08:27 AM
I have an old 486 and am trying to get a cdrom working on it so I can install Win98. The cd rom is a new one - 50x. I am running dos 6.22 and have installed the cdrom driver from the driver disk included with the cd rom. I also copied the mscdex.exe file into the cdrom directory on c drive. Upon reboot, the cd driver is detected, then a message comes up and says "no drives found, aborting installation" then "Device driver not found" "No valid cdrom device drivers selected". My cmos is old - 1992 date - and it doesn't have a place where the cd rom can be configured as a slave drive. The cdrom wire is connected to the sound card and it has power - I can open and close the door. Do I need to set the cd as a slave drive? If so, how do I do so? I don't see any kind of switch on the back of the cd rom to do this. I would appreciate any suggestions to get my cd rom drive up and running. Thanks!!

1. RE: CD Rom drive not found
lbyard Mar-18-02 12:05 PM
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>Do I need to set the cd as a slave drive?

Yes, if it is on the same cable as the hard disk drive. Set the hard disk is set as a Master with Slave present. The setting may be just Master and that setting will work on many hard disk drives if the Slave is or is not present. Check the drive manufacturer's web site for the hard disk settings. Most drives will have the settings on the top of the drive or on the printed circuit board. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/cdrom/index.html for details on CD-ROMs. Most D-ROM drives do not have the DMA jumper shown in that article. The jumper settings should be on the top of the drive and/or on the printed circuti board. You may have to remove the drives to see them or use a mirror. The motherboard may not support the CD-ROM drive. Try setting the Slave setting in the CMOS Setup to no drive present. That may or may not work (probably won't work with DOS and will with Windows). Larry

2. RE: CD Rom drive not found
Twinhead Mar-21-02 03:03 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-21-02 AT 03:14 PM (EST)
Excuse me for errors, I am Dutch.

Are you NUTS???

Do you really want to connect a NEW CD-Rom drive to a Soundcard?!?
This wil **NEVER** work!
That was for the realy old and inferieur CD-Rom drives.
Only the thin three-colored wire (Analouge Sound) connects to the soundcard.

Please configure the drive as Slave and put it on the cable with your hard drive.
At the back where the power and IDE cable is located, there is one jumperblock.
It has six pins (Four visible) and one "cap", connected like this |:: .
Pull the cap off and place it over the two middle pins :|: .
That configures the drive as a Slave.
Reconnect the cables and reboot to find out!

3. RE: CD Rom drive not found
lbyard Mar-21-02 05:04 PM
In response to message 2
>Only the thin three-colored wire (Analouge Sound) connects to the soundcard.

I belive that is what he said he was connecting to the sound card.

Not all CD-ROM drives jumper the way you have described, most do. If the motherboard has a secondary IDE interface, that is where the CD-ROM should be connected. If it is connected there, it should be set as a Master. Not that it has to be set as a Master, but some of the newer drives will be faster jumpered that way. You may not agree with the last statement. I have benchmarked them and know it to be fact. Larry

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