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partitioning a 40 gig hard drive
budz4u Mar-08-02 00:29 AM
Does anyone have instructions on how to partition a hard drive? I know Fdisk is used but I would like to find out step by step instructions on doing that. Or is it better to use a hard drive partition program like Partition Magic? I would like to partition a 40 gig hd on a friends HP computer 933 mhz pentium 3 with windows ME on it.

1. RE: partitioning a 40 gig hard drive
tinmanjohnny Mar-14-02 05:30 PM
In response to message 0
Go to the "HOW TO..." section in the Dux Computer digest,look up how to build a socket A computer,Part 8 -Prepare the Hard Drive. Larry showed me this site. Partioned my WIN ME 20GB in only 10 minutes. Used 8GB for my "C" and let the rest go to the new "D" hard disc. Your CD-R0M is now "E" or "F",depending how many partitions you put on your hard drive. Just remember to exit fdisk and reboot after each partition creation. Or go to the Windows support site and look up "how to use the fdisk tool and the format tool to partition. Be sure to back-up all important documents.

2. RE: partitioning a 40 gig hard drive
budz4u Mar-14-02 10:57 PM
In response to message 1
thanks for the information!!! i will check it out.

3. RE: partitioning a 40 gig hard drive
lbyard Mar-15-02 07:10 PM
In response to message 1
One can create more than one partition at time. Just reboot after you have created all of them (and made one them active) before formatting. Larry

4. RE: partitioning a 40 gig hard drive
tisfurs Jun-22-02 02:32 PM
In response to message 3
I would prepare the drive using WinME. It should easily
format it for the full 40 gig. Just type fdisk and follow the
menu options. Then format of course.

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