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CD-RW Install
Robert4390 Mar-01-02 09:46 PM
I was given a cd-rw drive recently (up to date ide) but without any documentation. Should I connect it to the extra plug on the hard drive cable or the one on the cdrom cable? I have the hard drive plugged into ide 1 on the mainboard and the cdrom plugged into ide 2. I guess the configuration is ide master one and ide master two right now. Thank You.

2. RE: CD-RW Install
Twinhead Mar-21-02 03:22 PM
In response to message 0
Excuse me for errors, I am Dutch.

If you are intended to use NERO, you should config your CD-Reader as slave, and put it on the IDE-1 cable.
Set the CD-Recorder as Master and connect it to IDE-2.

For anything else, it is better to Leave the CD-Reader as Master on IDE-2 and configure the CD-Recorder as Slave on IDE-2.


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