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I need to star over?
gmb chief Mar-01-02 11:27 AM
I just built my first pc. After booting the first time, I went to setup and set my cpu& clock speed. To the point, I did not partition or format my hard drive. No All I can do is go to setup, after that all I get is "Prees A Button To Reboot" I used Win98 Boot disk and accidentally used a Win ME reinstallation disk. I had a option to boot from cd-rom, so I did. then it said I had enough space to enable large disk support, so I did. Now I'm stuck at being able to do nothing but change cmos settings and reboot. Can somebody please tell me how to wipe out what I have done so I can do it the right way.
Thank You

1. RE: I need to star over?
lbyard Mar-01-02 12:00 PM
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Clear the CMOS: http://duxcw.com/faq/cmos/cmos.htm. Larry

2. RE: I need to star over?
jmatt Mar-04-02 06:06 AM
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