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VCD in a regular rom?
Tobias Feb-18-02 07:24 PM
Can you play VCD's in a regular cd rom?Is it just a matter of software or is it a hardware thing??Thanks...


1. RE: VCD in a regular rom?
copperpipe Feb-19-02 00:40 AM
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Yes, and yes to both hardware and software things:


If your CDROM drive can read CD-R's and you have the latest version of windows media player, you should be able to watch VCD's.

At least I've done that on Win98.

2. RE: VCD in a regular rom?
Tobias Feb-20-02 05:40 PM
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Cool...thanks for the info and the link Copperpipe!


3. RE: VCD in a regular rom?
Kniggit Feb-22-02 02:26 AM
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Check out www.vcdhelp.com for anything you want to know about making,playing, and coverting vcd's

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