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Disk boot failure
judy4482 Feb-18-02 03:57 PM
hello i am getting a Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter.i dont know what to do next.it all start happening after memory went badi was getting a memory test faliure,i got new memory and it seems to fix that prob;em but now it wont boot up to windows,it stops at disk boot failure.i am running windows 98 i have a startup disk but dont know what to do next.if anyone can guide me some how i will be so gratefull thank you.

1. RE: Disk boot failure
lbyard Feb-19-02 02:15 AM
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Check the cables (both ends of them) connecting the hard disk drive. They could have been bumped loose when the memory was installed. Larry

2. RE: Disk boot failure
judy4482 Feb-25-02 07:15 PM
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thank you larry for your assistance

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