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Does not reconize hard drive
fordman39 Feb-15-02 11:19 PM
I put together a system form spare parts I had and some that I had got from a friend. Everything worked great except when I built the system I put a real small hard drive in it to see how everything was going to do.After everything did ok I then bought a used 10 gig ibm hard drive and installed it and the operating system. The p/c ran great for about 4 hours and when my son went to install a store bought game he had the computer locked up. He did a control alt delete and when it restarted it went into scan disk and stuck at 48 percent. we then tried to restart again and it came up not reconizing hard drive and came up with boot error. I tried to run with boot disk but it did not work. I even tried to f disk and reformat but it says that there are no fixed disks attached. Is this just a bad hard drive? I put the old small hard drive back in to see if it would reconize it and it does. any thoughts.


1. RE: Does not reconize hard drive
fordman39 Feb-16-02 03:56 PM
In response to message 0
Just some more information. I installed the old hard drive and it worked ok. But know its doing the same thing. Wont reconize hard drive or c/d rom drive. Maybe bad mother board instead of hard drive?

2. RE: Does not reconize hard drive
lbyard Feb-16-02 06:39 PM
In response to message 1
Or bad cable, or any or all of the above. Larry

3. RE: Does not reconize hard drive
fordman39 Feb-16-02 06:41 PM
In response to message 2
Already tried new cable

4. RE: Does not reconize hard drive
lbyard Feb-19-02 02:19 AM
In response to message 3
I'd bet on two old, bad/marginal hard disk drives. The way to find out is take the hard disk and cable and plug them into another computer. I have seen cases where a bad drive damaged a motherboard IDE interface. Larry

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