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wally2117 Jan-17-02 10:47 PM

I've just rebuilt my PC (format and reinstall) and when I boot with Win ME, my floppy drive seems to search something. It runs half a minute and make lot of noise.

I've disabled Norton Anti-virus and BIOS virus protection, but nothing changes.

When I bought my PC a year ago, there was the same problem and I resolved it by ...

My problem is that I don't remember how!!!

Thank you and Happy new year Larry.


1. RE: floppy
lbyard Jan-17-02 11:04 PM
In response to message 0
Let me know, OK. My Me computer is doing it again. Annoying... I reach over to my workbench behind me and grab a floppy to feed tne little monster... like my dog and cat at 1:00 AM after I've fallen asleep on the couch watching TV... Larry

2. 1:00 AM .pif's
lbyard Jan-17-02 11:19 PM
In response to message 1
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q216752. Larry

3. RE: 1:00 AM .pif's
lbyard Jan-17-02 11:27 PM
In response to message 2
That wasn't very useful for me. My list of shortcuts is very long. Larry

4. RE: 1:00 AM .pif's
wally2117 Jan-18-02 04:43 AM
In response to message 3
Nothing like .pif or.ink in my files or folders.

But I eared about a problem with HDD with some speedy processors that they've not the time to save all data on HDD when the computer shuts down.

Let's see.

When I shut down my computer, a prompt window tells me that Norton is analysing the boot sector of the drive A:. But this window appears like a flash that I'm not even able to read it completely. I think that this operation hasn't the time, before the computer shuts down, to completely be done. Althought, I think that this is that operation that is done when I power-up my computer the next time.

I'm searching how to disable this Norton's feature to see if I'm right.

What do you think?


5. RE: 1:00 AM .pif's
lbyard Jan-18-02 05:38 AM
In response to message 4
I may be getting the problem, which seems to have cleared-up now, by skipping scandisk when shutting-down improperly. It's getting be time to do a clean install. I've been putting it off trying to decide whether to install XP or 2000 instead of Me. And if XP, if it will be home or pro. What ever I install, it has to be what most people are using. My web statistics show 2000 and XP rapidly gaining on Win 9x… As long as I’ve gone off on a tangent, here are yesterday’s for operating systems… Believe XP is lumped in with 2000. Larry

Listing operating systems, sorted by the number of requests for pages.
#: #reqs: #pages: OS
--: -----: ------: --
1: 76293: 15713: Windows
: 27702: 5762: Windows 98
: 28413: 5490: Windows 2000
: 7146: 1541: Windows NT
: 7669: 1529: Windows Me
: 4120: 1084: Windows 95
: 1240: 304: Unknown Windows
: 3: 3: Windows 32-bit
2: 1093: 281: Macintosh
: 1093: 281: Macintosh PowerPC
3: 2122: 239: OS unknown
4: 1056: 218: Unix
: 699: 126: Linux
: 154: 39: SunOS
: 111: 29: IRIX
: 59: 16: Other Unix
: 14: 5: OSF1
: 13: 2: HP-UX
: 6: 1: BSD
5: 217: 55: Robots
6: 31: 4: WebTV
7: 20: 2: OS/2

6. RE: 1:00 AM .pif's
lbyard Jan-18-02 05:50 AM
In response to message 5
Try clearing history in the Internet Explorer. Larry

7. RE: 1:00 AM .pif's
wally2117 Jan-18-02 12:23 PM
In response to message 6
I've thought to move exclusively on 2K when I've rebuilt my system on holiday time. My system were dual on ME and 2K.

But I'm not sure all my applications will run on 2K. Some children games doesn't write on the packing that they're compatible with 2K.

And, I really like the SPIDER game include in ME!

Oh! have you tried the new Netscape 6.2?
It spends 1 week on my system and was full of bugs! I've reinstalled 4.73.

Have a nice day

8. RE: 1:00 AM .pif's
wally2117 Jan-18-02 12:31 PM
In response to message 7
About your stats:

Your site is an excellent PC Hospital, May be most
popular visitors (OS) are the sickers!!!

Let XP makes its class...Future will tell us!


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