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Can't get old Maxtor HD to work as slave on Primary
dblotii Jan-10-02 06:43 PM
On my 1997 Gateway P5 200mmx system (win95b), I upgraded the hard drive to a 10 gig Fujitsu; which I must run with an ONTrack DDO, so I can get past the 8.4 gig limit of the motherboard. This is all working fine except that I can't get the old Maxtor 82564A4(2.4 gig) to work as a slave on the primary. It hangs up the system during boot up as soon as the on-screen shows that it has detected the 2 hard drives and the cdrom. I can get it to work as a master on the secondary(cdrom disconnected). I have tried all of the obvious things like alternate jumper settings, update the DDO, reformat the drive. One source said that it may be that some of the old IDE hard drives just are not compatible with this set up. Can you think of any other things to try?

1. RE: Can't get old Maxtor HD to work as slave on Primary
lbyard Jan-10-02 10:37 PM
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Try booting to a floppy and then run ontrack again. Your friend might be correct. I have seen that sort of thing before. You could also, of course, try connecting it to the secondary and leaving it there with the CD-ROM as slave, or vice versa. Larry

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