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Wassup with my Dell?
gooberfudgen Dec-27-01 04:45 PM
Ok I have a Dell Dimension XPS T500, with a 500mhz proc, 128MB of PC-133 SDRAM, and 3 drives a 12.5 GB Maxtor 7200RPM HDD, 8X Hitachi DVD-ROM and an 4X SOny Burner, and they always work great and can write disk to disk with no problems. The other day I was looking inside the case and I noticed that the Maxtor HDD was set to Cable Select and on the primary IDE now heres the weird part the other two drivers thr Burner and DVD-ROM were aslo on cable select but on the secondary IDE TOGETHER and according to yout forums they shouldn't be able to write disk to disk? Why does this work then?

2. RE: Wassup with my Dell?
lbyard Dec-27-01 05:33 PM
In response to message 0
I didnít say they wouldnít be able to write disk to disk. However, a CD-RW may(!) experience buffer overruns/underrruns if copying music CDís from a drive on the same cable. It may also experience overruns/underruns on different cables. Larry

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