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Device Manager>CDROM>Name of cd drive...Problem...
Randy Dec-24-01 07:32 PM
Last night I added memory to one of my computers. This computer had been working properly. The cd rom drive (there is only one) is now working only when it wants to.

It didn't recognize the cd rom when it was inserted and when I double clicked on the cd rom drive, it opened up a window with nothing in it, unlike the dialog screen you get when double clicking the drive without a cd rom inserted.

I opened device manager and then cdrom. It listed my cd rom name partially with weird characters replacing parts of the cdroms name. I removed the cd rom to allow windows to detect again, and it has detected the cdrom drive with the same squirrelly characters again, but it is working for the moment. I suspect that once I remove this cd and put in another one, it won't work. The icon in the "My computer" screen is not normal, it shows a picture of the icon of the cd superimposed over the icon of an empty cd rom. Strange.

Anyway, any tips or direction on how to proceed would be most appreciated! TIA!

1. RE: Device Manager>CDROM>Name of cd drive...Problem...
lbyard Dec-26-01 08:00 PM
In response to message 0
Check your cables. You may have jarred one partially loose when installing the memory. The memory could be defective causing corrupted files/drivers. Larry

2. RE: Device Manager>CDROM>Name of cd drive...Problem...
Randy Jan-10-02 00:49 AM
In response to message 1
Wow, can't believe this much time has gone by. I apologize for the lateness of this "thank you" but Thank You for responding.

I did as you suggested but unfortunately nothing has changed. I tried another cdrom and am having the same problem.

So with cables secure and memory removed, both cdrom's are recognized when posting and in explorer in windows but are not useable. The one thing that did change was that the name in device manager reads correctly, not garbled.

A strange thing with the cdrom is that I can remove it from device manager, make sure a cd is in the drive, reboot and it seems to "work" for that session. The icon representing the cd rom with a disk in looks different but it seems to work until I reboot. Of course, this "event" is not consistent. Sometimes it takes 3-4 reboots before the cdrom will work.

It makes no sense to me, especially considering I have replaced cables, removed ram, checked for proper seating of the cables and have tried different cdroms. I suppose the only logical conclusion is that something is amiss with the motherboard. Which is "strange" since it is all of 3 months old.

Thanks again for responding!

3. RE: Device Manager>CDROM>Name of cd drive...Problem...
lbyard Jan-10-02 05:37 PM
In response to message 2
You checked the power cables also? Look for a nicked cable. Try another flat cable. Or, swap the cable with the hard disk drive to test it. Larry

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