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CD-R Multisession Problem
fkheng Dec-06-01 08:03 AM
After trying to burn onto a cd-r multisession cd, the earlier files already on the disc, just disappeared! I thought that this should not be the case as it is a multisession cd, what more, its a cd-r! So how did those earlier files disappear? Help me!!!!!

1. RE: CD-R Multisession Problem
BBATES Dec-11-01 02:26 AM
In response to message 0
What software are you using? Just because it is a CDR disk doesn't mean that you cannot erase the information. The differance between cd/r and cd/rw is that the cd/r data storage area cannot be reused. If you write to the disk you can delete it. But, eventhough your pc cannot see the information on the disk you cannot recover the free space either.

2. RE: CD-R Multisession Problem
fkheng Dec-11-01 04:01 AM
In response to message 1
So, how do we handle cd-r multisession cds then?

3. RE: CD-R Multisession Problem
shantigohil Jan-26-02 08:39 AM
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I don't know what burning software you are using. But i use Nero5.5 and when I want to use the "Multisession" facility,before the final burning it asks me where I want to continue my session from,in this way it will retain the existing files.


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