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Partition on Windows XP
Nucleartool Nov-07-01 07:11 PM
Okay, i got Windows XP (##### good so far, installed every driver itself, sound, webcam, modem... WOW!) but i installed it on my 2 gig drive an i have about 50 meg free, not so good. But it is a 3 gig drive partitioned so i have a nother drive with a gig on it that i want to reclaim. So, heres my problem, i cant get them to join together. I have my c: (windows etc..) and my empty e: with a gig free that would be very handy. I tried looking at the help files but it just dosen't seem possible to convince it that they belong to the same drive and should join forces.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

1. RE: Partition on Windows XP
deerslayer Nov-08-01 01:05 PM
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partition magic can make 2 or more partitions into one or vice versa.

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2. RE: Partition on Windows XP
lbyard Nov-08-01 10:12 PM
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True, but expensive. You could run fdisk from a Startup floppy, delete the partitions (backup your data; this will destroy the contents on the drive, and create a new, larger one. Larry

3. RE: Partition on Windows XP
shadi Nov-08-01 11:30 PM
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you can extend any simple volume that is formatted with NTFS,but first you need to upgrade your disks to dynamic.
(extending a volume can only be done on a volume that was originally created on dynamic disk if the volume was created first on a basic then converted to dynamic it cannot be extended)

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