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I cannot access my floppy drive
delormj Oct-05-01 02:36 AM
New computer with printer, scanner, CD-R, etc. Machine is a stand alone for use at home. Anytime I insert a floppy in drive A, I get an "access denied" message and the computer cannot read the disk. I am told there is no disk in the drive or it needs to be formatted. Every disk I have tried works in my old maching (3 years - HP6350). Running Norton and Windows utilities has also indicated that "some" utility has locked the drive and it must be unlocked before it will read disks. I have no idea which utility or even where to begin to look. Any ideas?

1. RE: I cannot access my floppy drive
lbyard Oct-05-01 05:50 AM
In response to message 0
Check the CMOS Setup to be sure the drive is configured correctly and that it isnít set to swap A: and B:. Try formatting a brand new floppy. Try the floppy cable from your old computer. The drive may be defective. Verify with the floppy drive in your old computer. You may be able to position both computers so you do not have to remove the drive from the old computer. If it has to be removed, you probably do not have to physically install in the new computer. After attaching the cables and inserting a floppy, carefully set it on its side and hold it while booting so it wonít fall over. Larry

2. RE: I cannot access my floppy drive
delormj Oct-07-01 05:38 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the advice, Larry. The CMOS setup checked out OK then strange things occured. If I remove the casing shell, the floppy drive will open disks for me but it will not save a file that has been opened (the message is: can't save, the location is locked). If I leave the casing shell on the case, I still cannot access the drive even though the drive has been exchanged for a new one. The feeling is a problem with the controller in the mother board. This would mean a new mother board (no cost since the machine is brand new). Does any of this make sense?

3. RE: I cannot access my floppy drive
lbyard Oct-09-01 08:42 PM
In response to message 2
No. I would take it back. Larry

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