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making copies of Pc games from cdrom's
cruzin4bruzin Jul-14-00 01:47 AM
I have noticed that some games for PC's on cdrom let you make a copy of the disk onto your hard drive, and then you can install and play it from your hard drive eliminating the need to have the cd loaded in the drive in order to play the game.
I also noticed that some games will not, and require the disk be loaded in the drive if you want to play the game. My question is this is there a way to be able to get the games that require the disk loaded in the cdrom drive to play on just the hard drive with out the need for the disk?
One of my friends said to me that there was a software called Virtual cd that will conver, or enable you to not have to put the cd in the drive every time you want to play a game. If there is such a kind of software please let me know what it's called and how and where I may get such a program. Thanks. cruzin4bruzin

1. RE: making copies of Pc games from cdrom's
subvet Sep-27-00 04:04 PM
In response to message 0
Ask and you shall receive. Follow directions carefully, will not work for all cdroms.


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