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invalid system disk
blinktxpx182 Sep-22-01 05:34 PM
when i turn my computer on, it says "invalid system disk" i don't know if it is a virus or not, but it doesn't even go far enough for me to run it in safe mode, i think something is wrong with my floppy drive because the light is constantly on, but i don't know how i can fix this problem. If you can help it would be appreciated.

1. RE: invalid system disk
lbyard Sep-22-01 05:43 PM
In response to message 0
Remove the floppy from the floppy drive (Iíve done it more than once)? If there is no floppy in the drive, a floppy drive with the LED on all of the time indicates that the flat cable going from the motherboard to the drive is plugged in backwards. The red stripe goes towards pin 1 on both the drive and motherboard/controller. Drive A: connects to the connector at the end of the cable that has a twist. Larry

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