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System cannot read Hard Drive 2
immikhan Sep-22-01 02:06 AM
I have 2 drives on my system - C: and D:. I had to reformat C: and reinstall windows. Now, windows recognizes drive D: but says it cannot read from it, there is an "unknown" error. The Bios recognises it, but in Dos mode when I do dir C: it's fine but when I do dir D: it says the drive cannot be read. What gives? it was perfectly fine before the format C: and reinstall of Windows98 (No, I *did not* format D:.

1. RE: System cannot read Hard Drive 2
lbyard Sep-22-01 05:08 PM
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If you did format D: you would still be able to do a dir on it If you have had the computer open, I would first check cables, jumpers, etc. The drives in question were not compressed or using a drive overlay such as EZ Drive or Disk Manager (http://duxcw.com/faq/hd/nonsys.htm), were they? It could be coincidence. Hard disk drives seem to have some sort of built-in intelligence that makes them fail at the most inopportune and illogical times. I would try the hard disk on another computer. If you fdiskd C:, look for D: at E:. Check for a virus. Larry

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