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compaq 5030 CD-Rom missing
ok Sep-20-01 04:59 AM
can't see CD-Rom drive, and ZIP drives, both missing from "my computer"

found the Secondary IDE controller on "Hard disk controller" had problem (yellow error sign)
-- set "both IDE Channels enable" from default in the PCI BUS MAster IDE controller, and restart the computer will fix one of the problem -- after restart the PC can see ZIP drive in "my computer", but still CAN NOT see CD-rom drive.

And later, the ZIP driver will disappear again from "my computer".

What was the cause of the above problem? I suspect - some kind of Virus?

If that is the case, what kind of Virus? How can I fix?

If not the Virus, what kind of problem may be?

How can I fix?


I Appreciate ALL of your kind help!

1. RE: compaq 5030 CD-Rom missing
lbyard Sep-20-01 05:28 PM
In response to message 0
I donít think it is a virus. Zip drive installations are/were (I now recommend CD-RW drives) problematic and this is not uncommon (e.g., http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/iomega/mvp398se.html). Download the latest Zip software and visit Iomegaís FAQs (http://iomega.com/support/zip1a.html). Please come back if with more info if you are still stuck. Larry

2. RE: compaq 5030 CD-Rom missing
ok Sep-20-01 08:04 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry,

sorry, I have tried per your instruction, but still stuck. As I said before, the ZIP drive will show up in "my computer" if I change the Master controller's channel to both or just secondary controller and restart the PC. However, a second restart of the PC the ZIP drive will disappear again.

The CD- ROM drive never show up on "my computer"
in the above case.

Thanks again for your HELP and advice.

3. RE: compaq 5030 CD-Rom missing
lbyard Sep-20-01 08:55 PM
In response to message 2
Pull all the cables on the zip, jumper the CD-ROM as the Master drive, and get the CD-ROM drive up first. Uninstall all of the Zip stuff, if that is required. Solve one problem/variable at a time. Larry

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