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DVD driver for windowns 2000 (or compaq 5722 windowns 98)
ok Sep-20-01 03:59 AM
1. I have a Compaq 5722 PC with model 113R CD-DVD drive and driver for windowns 98. However, I can not see the video/picture display anymore while playing a DVD or VCD after upgrade the PC to windowns 2000.

I contact Compaq, the answer is that they can not support DVD with windowns 2000 - they did not have a new DVD Driver for windowns 2000. In addition, I can not get the driver from Microsoft too.

2. I also have a Compaq 5722 with Windowns 2000 and Solaris 8 two OS. But the LAN card (AMD PC net -home based ethernet adapter)and ZIP drive won't work when using Solairs. (LAN card and ZIP drive both work fine when switch to Windowns 2000)- where can I get the LAN CARD and ZIP drive
drivers/software for Solairs? or How can I make the LAN card and ZIP drive work?

Please Help! THANKS!

1. RE: DVD driver for windowns 2000 (or compaq 5722 windowns 98)
lbyard Sep-20-01 05:21 PM
In response to message 0
There are no 2000 drivers that I can find on Compaq’s web site. I would try to find the actual manufacturer of the DVD drive by pulling the drive and searching with any info on it. I would be happy to assist.

Have you looked on the floppy disk that usually accompany network adapters for a Solaris/Sun driver? The easiest thing to do would probably be to buy a network card that is compatible with both OS’s. They are cheap. Using a Zip drive with Solaris 2.6 at http://wks.uts.ohio-state.edu/sun/tips/zip-solaris.html and How do I install my Zip® drive on a Sun Workstation? At http://www.iomega.com/support/documents/2019.html might be useful. Larry

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