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backup utilities
klown Sep-09-01 05:38 AM
i have heaps of junk on my hard drive most of which is needed by one of the 3 people using my computer i want to do a fresh install of windows because it is giving me problems but i can't be bothered going through and backing up whatever is important with adaptec and i also know that i will forget to backup something important can someone give me some tips on some backup utilities that might solve my problems.

1. RE: backup utilities
lbyard Sep-09-01 08:12 PM
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I use MS Backup, which comes with Windows. There are better programs, but it is free if you have Windows. I backup critical data by coping the files to another drive. If you are on a network, consider backing-up to another computer. I also use a second hard disk drive (older 6.4 gig “scratch drive”), which I keep in a desk drawer. Just temporarily plug it in where the CD-ROM is connected. If the hard disk is partitioned into two logical drives, the C: drive can be backed-up to the D: drive. Be very careful not to scrub the D: drive (or any drive containing the backup) when doing the clean install. Another possibility is to buy a new hard disk (they are pretty cheap), do the clean install, connect the old one where CD-ROM drive is, and copy the stuff over—a good excuse to get a 7,200 RPM drive if you haven’t got one. When you are done, pass the older drive to an older computer or use it with the existing computer for disk-to-disk backups. I just backup critical stuff before doing a clean install. If it’s important it worth at least to backups. I do not trust tape drives at all. Larry

2. RE: backup utilities
waddy Sep-10-01 01:39 AM
In response to message 1
Like Larry said buy another hard drive to put the back up on....

I use retrospect server , its great.... you can try it for free ..



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