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v_sk Sep-07-01 04:33 PM
i have a Compaq Deskpro 4000 166MMX machine and its not recognising my 30 Gig and it recognises only 8G. I installed EZ-Bios from Western Digital but that overwrites my Compaq diagnostics information. so i dont get the F10/setup option while the system boots. is there a way to upgrade the BIOS so i dont need to install EZ Bios, so i will have F10/setup option


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lbyard Sep-07-01 06:34 PM
In response to message 0

Available BIOSs are listed here: http://web14.compaq.com/falco/search.asp?model=deskpro%204000&keywords=large%20hard%20disk&criteria=all&drop1=3&drop2=19&drop3=deskpro%204000&drop4=1&drop5=1

http://www.storagesoft.com/products/drive_utils/ez_drive.asp :

“Compaq Diagnostic partitions

These diagnostic partitions are the ‘BIOS Setup’ utility for Compaq systems.
EZ-Drive will copy these partitions to the new drive being setup. EZ-BIOS can coexist and work with these partitions.”
I don’t have a Compaq here to run through the procedure.

http://www.wdc.com/service/FAQ/ezdrive.html#Compaq :
‘10: The existing hard drive in my Compaq system has special diagnostic software preinstalled onto it. Will EZ-Drive overwrite this software when setting up my new WD Caviar hard drive?
EZ-Drive 9.06 W (and later) now supports Compaq systems that have the Personal Diagnostic software preinstalled onto the hard drive (which is used for diagnostic testing and system setup). This software resides in a special partition on the hard drive and is accessed by pressing a key during the computer boot sequence. EZ-BIOS can coexist with these partitions only when installed in a two-drive system (i.e. master/slave), or when using EZ-Copy to transfer data from an existing hard drive with the diagnostic partition to another hard drive (the existing hard drive can then be removed without affecting access to the diagnostic partition on the new hard drive). If EZ-BIOS is installed in a single-drive system it will overwrite Compaq's code preventing access to the diagnostic partition.

If you'd like to read more about installing a drive into a Compaq click here (http://www.wdc.com/service/tip_dir/tip0399.html) for our tip of the month.’

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