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Need help with IDE/Atapi burner drives please.
Happythewombat Aug-24-01 01:44 AM
I have had to have Windows 98 clean installed on my computer and since then my CDR Win 3.8D and earlier versions will not work as they all keep freezing the computer when I use them

I believe that my drivers are not configured correctly since the re-install of Windows and someone in this forum confirmed my suspicion that I would need to re-install the correct drivers again.

I have read the information from the Goldenhawk site and it is confusing to me (I must be thick !!) as to what driver files are required to operate CDRWin correctly with an IDE/ATAPI burner (not SCSCI).

I have a Ricoh MP7040A burner which has been re-flashed to a 7060A and prior to the reinstall it was burning perfectly with any CDRWin version that I had downloaded previously..now they all lock up the computer including the newly downloaded 3.8D.

Can someone please help me with what is the correct driver file(s) configuration I require to allow the burner to work correctly please?

1. RE: Need help with IDE/Atapi burner drives please.
lbyard Aug-25-01 10:14 PM
In response to message 0
The software looks rather “unfriendly: to me. Did you do this?


“Note: When using ATAPI devices you must use the Windows registry editor (regedit.exe) to modify the value of the "ExcludeMiniports" key under the following registry node...


If ExcludeMiniports="" then ATAPI devices are enabled.
If ExcludeMiniports="ATAPI", then ATAPI devices are disabled.”

Golden Hawks site is a little confusing to me as well. Lucky I can read some German. I haven’t spent much time reading the materials on the site, but I would guess using the SCSI driver may work as Windows makes ATAPI devices look like SCSI devices. See http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~aa571/aspi.htm. Be sure to backup the registry before changing it. Start, Run, regedit, help, index, backup. It could be the firmware. Come back if you are still stuck. Larry

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