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No Fixed Disk Present?
CarlosECampos Aug-19-01 10:16 PM
LAST EDITED ON Aug-19-01 AT 11:19 PM (GMT)

Hey guys!
I have this problem: I tried to Fdisk my hard drive to create the partitions but I keep getting the message that "There is no fixed disk present". I have removed it, plugged it back in all types of ways, as master, as slave, as secondary master, or secondary slave, making sure that the jumpers are properly set but no matter what I do, I keep getting the same response. I've also checked the IDE connections and I made sure that pin1 was plugged into pin1. I also checked the CMOS settings to make sure each IDE hard drive is set to "AUTO". I'v been told that perhaps the MBR is messed up and that is why this is happening. If that is the case, how can I repair the MBR? or what do you guys think the solution to this problem is?


1. RE: No Fixed Disk Present?
lbyard Aug-20-01 06:23 PM
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What drive is it and what are you trying to connect it to? Did it work before? Does the BIOS detect the drive when the computer first boots? Try another power connector. Try the drive on another computer. Try another flat cable. If you have an ATA/66 or ATA/100 drive and an 80 conductor cable, be sure the drive is attached to the very end of the cable and the “system end” (may be blue or labeled) is attached to the motherboards primary IDE interface. Larry


83. Unwrap the remaining 80-Conductor (40-pin) ATA/66/100 hard disk cable and plug the blue plug into the motherboard connector labeled "PRIMARY" with the red stripe to the left. Plug the black connector at the other end of the cable into the hard disk drive with the red stripe towards the power connector.

ATA/66/100 cables vary. The ends may be tagged instead of color coded or both. Some of them have a blue stripe instead of red stripe on them.

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