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Install 2 hard drives
DAM Aug-13-01 03:55 PM
I want to install a new hard drive, but instead of running a ghost program to copy complete content of old drive I would like to set up the new as master(with new Operating System on it) the old as slave and just take off what I need from the old drive, than remove it after I get the programs I want. Is this going to be a problem or should I just copy what I need to LS- 120 disks and take the info of that way?

1. RE: Install 2 hard drives
lbyard Aug-13-01 04:04 PM
In response to message 0
You can set the new drive as a Master, do a clean install of Windows, Set the old drive as a Slave, and then copy stuff from the old drive to the new one; however, you will have to reinstall all applications on the new drive. I have done this many times. To reduce the probability of making a mistake and destroying data on the old drive, I would suggest disconnecting the old drive while portioning, formatting, and installing Windows on the new one. See our How toís for performing these procedures. The new drive may have different jumper settings for a Master without a Slave present and Master with a Slave present. E.G., most Western Digitals do and most Maxtors donít. Larry

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