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Replacing 2 HD with 1 HD and 1 CDRom
gazou Aug-03-01 03:09 PM
I have a 486 66Mhz with two HD, C: (80Mb) and D: (170Mb). I got a 800Mb HD and I want to replace my 2 old HD with the new one and a CDRom. If I just disconnect C: from the old and connect it to the new one, I can see the new C: but not the D:. I naturally made the changes in the CMOS. If I try the new one alone, I get nothing even changing the jumpper to different position on the HD. Any ideas?

1. RE: Replacing 2 HD with 1 HD and 1 CDRom
lbyard Aug-06-01 06:08 PM
In response to message 0
What are the makes and models of the drives and how is the Standard CMOS Setup configured? Larry

2. RE: Replacing 2 HD with 1 HD and 1 CDRom
gazou Aug-11-01 01:23 AM
In response to message 1
The 80Mb is a Western Digital Caviar 280 and it's configure as: Type 47, Cylinder 980, Head 10, Sector 11 and Size 81.
The 170Mb is a Quantum Prodrive ELS and it's configure as: Type 47, Cylinder 1011, Head 15, Sector 22 and Size 163.
The new one is a Conner CFA850A and it's configure as: Type 47, Cylinder 1652, Head 16, Sector 63 and Size 813.

6. Old Quantum and Conner Hard Disk Drives
lbyard Aug-11-01 03:44 PM
In response to message 2
In my experience with hard disk drives over the last 20 years, the Conner 850 MByte (CFS and CFA) hard disk drives rank low, but certainly not the lowest, for reliability. I would be hesitant to install an old one in any computer. Conner was bought by Seagate sometime ago. The older Quantum drives were made back in the days when implementation of the IDE specification (which Quantum invented) varied quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer. I do not remember the exact details, but some of the 40 and 80 MByte 3 ˝” half-height drives would not operate as slaves to drives made by some manufacturers. The low profile 170 may have compatibility problems as well, but I do not recall one way or the other. When jumpered as the Master drive, some of the old Quantums would operate with some drives made by other manufacturers when those drives were configured as Slaves. Furthermore, Quantum drives behaved differently when the old Quantum IDE expansion board was used as compared to those made by other manufacturers such as Seagate. Again, I do not remember the exact details, but may be able to find them in old repair sheets. Maxtor bought Quantum’s disk drive business a short time ago.

To use the full capacity of the Conner drive, the motherboard BIOS has to be capable of and configured to use Logical Block Addressing (LBA) (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q122/0/52.ASP) or a BIOS overlay such EZ drive or Disk Manager has to installed on the C: drive. LBA or the overlay allows IDE disks with more than 1024 cylinders to be fully partitioned by MS-DOS/Windows. Without drive parameter translation provided by these capabilities DOS/Windows cannot use more than 504 Mbytes of the capacity provided by larger hard disk drives. Check the motherboard CMOS Setup to see if it can do LBA. Older boards with the capability may have the capability as one of three choices. Many have a hard disk detect capability, which may automatically choose LBA. Newer boards should have the drive set to Auto and that should implement LBA. If an overlay is required, the drive is usually set to Type 1, but not always.

Now that I’ve provided some background, the first thing to do is determine the motherboard’s capabilities. What motherboard do you have (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/mb/det.htm)? How many IDE interfaces does it have? Larry

7. RE: Old Quantum and Conner Hard Disk Drives
gazou Aug-24-01 04:51 PM
In response to message 6
Hi Larry,
I finally managed to install my drive alone but it uses only 504 Mbytes of the capacity.
Here's the information on my motherboard: AMIBIOS 93 and my HD is connected on a controller.

8. RE: Old Quantum and Conner Hard Disk Drives
lbyard Aug-25-01 10:21 PM
In response to message 7
All I can tell (I think) from that info is that the BIOS is very old. Did you look at the How to Identify a Motherboard referenced in my last post? Larry

9. RE: Old Quantum and Conner Hard Disk Drives
gazou Aug-28-01 08:22 PM
In response to message 8
Yes, I did. Here's the information I got:
Computer ID = FC Type: AT
BIOS date = 08-08-93
AMI-BIOS found = version 01.07 Date 080898
OEM ID = 8054
URL = ???
Chipsets = 491F

10. RE: Old Quantum and Conner Hard Disk Drives
lbyard Aug-29-01 03:52 PM
In response to message 9
Looks like there isn't much that can be done with the motherboard or BIOS except replace them. And that would probably lead to replacing just about everything else. So, to work around the problem, suggest downloading Disk Manger from http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/drivers/discwiz.html and installing the DM overlay. The DM overlay adds support for larger drives. I think this will work on the drive; however, Conner (before Seagate bought Conner) originally supplied EZ drive. Larry

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