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BILKO1 Jul-22-01 10:08 PM
I've got 2x ibm gxp75 30 gig drives and a plextor 12x cdrw all connected to a kt7ar.I'm having some strange problems that sometimes windoze 98 or 2k (dual boot)cannot see the cdrw and the second hardrive if i reboot they might appear 8 out of 10 times.Also the primary master ibm gxp seems to make a clicking noise when its idle is this normal or is it dying as it seems to work fine? One more question whats the best way to connect all the drives to the mobo as in master/slave and cable select as i want to add a cd rom and dvd rom a total of 5 drives!

lbyard Jul-23-01 03:28 PM
In response to message 0
Each IDE interface can support no more than two drives. Master/Slave usually works as well as C/S (chip select) for ATA/66/100 drives. I use Master/Slave. Clicking or could it be described as a metallic-like clinking? A clinking noise is usually a sign of imminent drive failure. Clicking or clinking is not normal. Get your data off that drive! Does the drive with the CD-RW come up every time when the CD-RW is not attached? Try switch flat cables. Larry

waddy Jul-27-01 11:54 PM
In response to message 1
if you want multiple drives buy a RAID card , they are cheap ..goes into a PCI slot ... gives you the option to add another 4 IDE devices

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