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noisy used HD
mscholtz Jul-13-01 09:08 PM
SO I just bought a used 10GB Fireball CX off of Ebay to use as a backup drive. (I know, used drives are risky, but it was cheap and the seller guaranteed against DOA.) It arrived in good condition, installation went smoothly, partitioning no problem, low-level surface scan revealed no bad sectors, and I was able to back up 4GB of stuff. So far so good.

Problem: the ##### thing is noisy. Just sitting and spinning in the case it makes a throbbing hum that I can feel through my feet if the case is on a hardwood floor. Sorta sounds like a washing machine 4 rooms away. If I don't access the disk for a while (including Windows Explorer which shows it as a mounted drive) the noise eventually goes away, only to return on next access.

I've opened up the case to check for loose ends, can't find any obvious sites of vibration. One thing is that the mounting bracket it's in seems to be imperfectly straight. It's sitting between my OEM HD and the floppy, and the bracket will only accept screws for one end of the drive (front or back), at which point the other end refuses to line up with the bracket holes. I've got the front screwed in, which leaves a little play in the back. Could this have anything to do with it?

Any other suggestions?
Could this be the sign of something more seriously wrong with the drive?
Any way to test for what might be causing it?
General advice about damping vibrations intra-case?


2. RE: noisy used HD
lbyard Jul-13-01 09:35 PM
In response to message 0
Try it out of the case and up-side-down so you won’t short-out the printed circuit board. If it still “sorta sounds like a washing machine 4 rooms away,” return it, if you can, and get your money back. Shipping/improper packing could have put a marginal drive over the edge.

To add insult to injury and for the benefit of other readers, I would not buy a used drive from anyone I didn't know and would pay very little for a ten gig drive (maybe $20), and only if I needed one desperately and was darn broke. I would not buy one that had to be shipped. Larry

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