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CD-RW plays but will not write
Skyway Jul-09-01 07:34 PM
Win 98SE
AMD K6-III 450mhz
VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller (Ultra DMA)

AOPen DVD-9632 (DVD-ROM) set as master on IDE2
TEAC CD-W516E (CD-RW) set as slave on IDE2
Device manager states both are working properly

The Teac plays audio and reads data files OK but when attempting to burn, Nero5.5 gives error messages such as 'communication failure', 'invalid writestate', 'could not perform EndTrack'. The error log also states 'SCSI not using temporary buffers 20 out of 20 temporary buffers allocated'.

I've also used a demo of HotDog and it failed to recognise the fact that a CD-RW device was connected.

Can anyone give me some pointers? TEAC said I should update the Bus Master Controller driver. What about making the TEAC the master (it is the quicker drive)? How come it can read but not burn? Doesn't this suggest a physical fault?

Many thanks for any help offered. Guy.

1. RE: CD-RW plays but will not write
lbyard Jul-10-01 05:25 AM
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Why don't you do what Teac suggests first? The drives are at http://www.viatech.com/jsp/en/dr/driver.jsp. Larry

2. RE: CD-RW plays but will not write
harconan Oct-08-01 10:42 AM
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hi my names mark i have a similar prob a bit of searching and i found that u should have the dvd set as slave on the primary ide and the burner allways as a master on the secondary channel thus preventing errors and buffer under runs also depending on if u have an ata 66 dvd-cdrom u must see if they have the required 80 pin cables write back to see if this helped...

4. RE: CD-RW plays but will not write
lbyard Oct-09-01 08:47 PM
In response to message 2
Try it with the DVD drive disconnected and the RW as a Master on IDE2. Be sure DMA is checked in the Settings of the drive Properties in Start, Settings, Control Panel, Device Managerů Larry

6. info
harconan Oct-10-01 10:11 AM
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this is a good site that helped me,let me know if it helps u ok...http://www.redneck-puters.com/help/addcd.shtml

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