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cd rom locks up
ink Jul-08-01 04:55 PM
I recently installed a Sony CRX0811 CD-R/RW with it's accompanying software the Sony CD Extreme and Sony abCD123. I kept my original cd rom installed which is an Aopen 48x. My pc recognizes both cd drives.

I now have problems with my Aopen each time I insert an audio cd, my pc locks up. My mouse works but can't click on anything and must hard start/restart. BTW, data cd's work great.

Currently, I have the Aopen as a slave to my HDD and the Sony as a master. I have tried other configurations such as the Aopen as a master and the Sony as a slave and vice versa. None of the configurations worked.

As a last resort, I reformatted my drive and did a clean install of Win98se. After the clean install, I immediately inserted an audio cd into the Aopen and it began to play...however, I could only hear it through my headphones. I then cracked the case and made sure my audio cable was intact and properly seated. I still could not get any sound to play through my speakers.

I then installed the software that came with my Sony. The Sony CD Extreme and Sony abCD123. In doing so, I recreated the original problem...my Aopen would lock up when an cd audio was inserted.

I THINK I've narrowed it down to a software conflict or .dll conflict and have since downloaded updates for both software titles. None of these fixed the problem.

My question to anyone is WHAT WENT WRONG? Could it be software or something dark and hidden within Windows? Please, any and all advice on this issue is greatly appreciated. In case it matters, my system is as follows:

Motherboard: MicroStar MS-6163Pro
PIII 550mhz @100mhz
352mb RAM
6.4GB Fujitsu HDD 5400rpm
16bit ST/64-WT PCI Snd. card
Aopen 48x cd rom
Sony CRX0811 cd-r/rw

Hope to hear from all of you!


1. RE: cd rom locks up
lbyard Jul-10-01 05:21 AM
In response to message 0
Does I have the AOpen as a slave to my HDD and the Sony as a master, mean that your AOpen drive is on the same cable as your hard disk drive and the cable is plugged into the Primary IDE interface on your motherboard, and that the Sony is a master on another cable and plugged into the secondary IDE interface? There appears to be a resource conflict with the sound card. A CD-RW drive or driver for one would not usually case such a problem. Suggest disabling all motherboard resources that you are not using (e.g., COM ports, USB). Try moving the sound card to another slot. If these actions do not fix the problem, please provide more detail about what is in your computer. Larry

3. RE: cd rom locks up
chaswl Oct-15-01 02:48 PM
In response to message 1
The probelm with my system is the Sony abCD software. This software allows you to write directly to the CD-RWE drive as you would to an ordinary drive, HD, floppy or ZIP. If this feature is not necessary. Uninstall the Sony abCD software and you should be okay.

2. RE: cd rom locks up
chaswl Oct-14-01 06:15 PM
In response to message 0
I have the same problem. I just installed a Sony CD-RW CDX160E. The other drive is a Delta 50X. I have an PC Chips motherboard M810LR, AMD Duron 900, 128MB PC133 Ram, 20G Western Gigital HD. The Display adapter(integrated) is an SiS 630/730. The Delta CD-ROM Drive was playing audio CD's okay before I installed the Sony CD-ROM Drive with its software. Data Cd's are no problem. I have a few things in mind which I will try out. If the work I will get back to you.


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