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What is the best way to utilize two disk drives?
di4geo Jun-23-01 01:32 AM
My computer has two disk drives, but it appears that I've put everything in the "C" drive as I now have only 1.99 GM available on "C" and 19 GB on "D". Please tell me what I can safely move to "D" - can I move all Windows programs to "D"? I apologize if this is a very silly question. (I have other questions about ports that aren't so silly). Thanks Diane

1. RE: What is the best way to utilize two disk drives?
lbyard Jun-23-01 02:37 PM
In response to message 0
GM or GB? If it’s GB, what's wrong with having “only” 1.99 GBytes available on C:? My 30 GByte drive is partitioned into three logical drives: C: 4 GBytes (Windows Me and applications), D: 22 Gbytes (downloads, backups, and junk), and E: 4 Gbytes (Windows 2000—dual boot). Currently, my C: drive has 732 Mbytes (.732 GBytes) available and needs some cleaning, but there is no hurry with 732 Mbytes to spare. If it's 1.99 MBytes, try deleting the stuff in your recycle bin, deleting files in C:\windows\temp, and deleting the history files (not favorites or cookies) from your browser. Leave Windows and the Applications on C: and start using D: for everything else; e.g., downloads, music… If the C: drive is an old drive with 6 Gbytes total space or less or is a 5,400 RPM drive and the other one is a 7,200 RPM drive, then an increase in performance is possible by either copying an image of the C: drive to the D: drive (see http://duxcw.com/faq/hd/hd.htm) or by redoing both drives. You may need the services of a computer shop to accomplish this. No, you can’t simply move installed applications to the D: drive. You can install applications on the D: drive, but I suggest putting/leaving the ones you use all of the time on the C: drive. Larry

2. RE: What is the best way to utilize two disk drives?
di4geo Jun-25-01 01:38 AM
In response to message 1
Oops - sorry, not GM's - GB's. Since I've received a couple of messages saying my drive was overfull, I thought 1.99 GB's was skating on thin ice. Thanks for your answer.

Your "guide" previously guided us through networking two computers expertly. Will ask my port(s) question soon.

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