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Do I need to format my hard drive?
[]\/[] //-\\ '][' '][' Jun-03-01 10:27 AM

I recently bought a new motherboard and CPU bundle, but want to keep my current hard drive for awhile if I can stick it in the new case with all the data still intact. Can I do this, or do I need to format the drive and start with a blank slate?


1. RE: Do I need to format my hard drive?
lbyard Jun-03-01 04:24 PM
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Matt, Most of the time you can move an existing drive to a new motherboard, etc. without redoing the drive, but not always. You can expect Windows to go through a few gyrations as it discovers a new motherboard, detects devices, and installs new drivers. I would advise not installing expansion boards besides the display adapter until Windows adjusts to its new environment and the motherboard, etc. drivers are installed. Larry

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